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Martyn Auto

Martyn Auto – GM Instrument Cluster Repair Experts – America’s #1 GM Instrument Cluster Repair Service

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How This Works


Take off the parts from the vehicle that need to be repaired. ( We recommend having a professional take it off the vehicle )


Select the repair service(s) on the website for the parts you need repaired, ( select the proper make, model, year ) & checkout.


Carefully package and ship the part(s) to us to the following address:

Martyn Auto
40 Main St.
Westfield, MA 01085


Take off the parts from the vehicle that need to be repaired. (We recommend having a professional take it off the vehicle)


You must pre-pay for the service prior to sending any parts to us.

When we receive your part(s) we will repair and ship them back to you within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most repairs are done the same business day they are received, but always within 24 hours. Orders are shipped back within 24 hours upon receipt.

We return all units via USPS Priority mail or UPS Ground and we email you the tracking number once the order has been shipped. Overnight and express service is available upon request, please contact us for pricing or leave a request on the service form.

No. We rebuild your original cluster and it is returned with the same mileage. No programming or flashing is necessary.

Yes your vehicle is drivable without a cluster but you must understand doing so at your own risk. Using a GPS unit such as Garmin or TomTom will provide you with a speedometer and odometer (for fuel gauge reference).

For instrument clusters we repair and upgrade all gauges to new OEM fail-free gauge motor mechanism (stepper motors), backlighting bulbs, shift indicator (prnd..) display, internal power supply, and other electronic circuit and component issues, (issues like: that may cause Instrument cluster to drain the battery when vehicle is turned off etc) and more. We fully test entire instrument cluster after repair and calibrate all gauges.

We specialize only in GM Instrument Clusters ( Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer and Cadillac )
We are one of the first original GM Instrument Cluster Repair companies in the USA
Over 15 years in experience.
We stand behind every repair.
100% Guaranteed or your money back!
​Not only do we repair gauges, PRNDL shift indicator display and backlighting in the GM clusters, but we also repair battery drainage issues caused by the cluster, power issues and do preventive maintenance upgrade so the cluster won’t have any issues in the future.

You pay for shipping to us ( We recommend shipping thru USPS ) .

And you prepay for the return shipping back to you from us when you submit an order and check out.

We provide a lifetime warranty on all Instrument clusters’ gauges (stepper motors), 2 year warranty on backlighting. We cannot provide warranty on other issues that your vehicle or cluster might have.

Note: Repair attempts made be other parties cannot be guaranteed if damage was done to the circuit board.

Reviews From Customers

Stephen H
Great Service
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Repaired my GM 2500hd gauge cluster. Backlighting and needles work excellent now. Shipping was fast. I chose them because they stand behind their work and warranty it. Would recommend to anyone in the future.
Sean Trembel
Thank you for Amazing Service
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Sent in my non-working dash cluster instrument panel from my 2003 Silverado 1500HD pickup. recieved it back fully working plus the displays and gauge lighting are slightly brighter too. Thank you guys.
James Vansickle
Great Job
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Great Job! Fast Turnaround and Shipping! Highly Recommend!
Lee Voudren
The Best. Period.
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The Best. Period.
DieselRam Hauler
Thank you
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Thank You for fast quality repairs
Nick Huftalin
Highly Recommend.
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Highly Recommend.
Fahad Rafiq
Great Job
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Wonderful Service