About Us

Martyn Auto - America's #1 GM Instrument Cluster Repair

We are one of the first original GM Instrument Cluster Repair companies in the USA providing top service for our customers all over the United States.
Over 15 years in experience.
We stand behind every repair.
100% Guaranteed or your money back! 

Not only do we repair gauges, PRNDL shift indicator display and backlighting in the GM clusters, but we also repair battery drainage issues caused by the cluster, power issues and do preventive maintenance upgrade so the cluster won't have any issues in the future. 

Repair Order Process

1. Remove your instrument cluster or airbag module or other unit you need repaired from the vehicle.

(Please make sure your car battery is disconnected)

2. Complete the order form and choose payment method.

3. Ship in what needs to be repaired

Please include your vehicle Year, Make & Model, as well as Name Phone Number & Return Address when shipping in what needs to be repaired.

We proudly provide a 24 hour turnaround with all of our services.

Our address:

Martyn Auto 
40 Main St.
Westfield, MA 01085